bjobj Guarantees and certifications



I.C.E.A. (Institute for the Ethical and Environmental Certification), in the Authority recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forest Policies, controls the vegetable origin of the employed raw materials and, in particular, the origin of the employed extracts and essential oils from certified organic farming (according to the EEC 2092/91 norm), formula and issues, for each product, an authorization number which you can find on each bjobj packaging.

nickel tested


Nickel is a white silvery metal often used with other alloys to produce very resistant materials (such as some steels, etc.). Nickel is often featured in everyday’s use objects, such as costume jewellery, and often we come across without even knowing. Even some vegetables, such as zucchini, asparagus, carrots, onions etc. are rich in nickel. Nickel is not a dangerous metal, but some people are allergic. These people have to avoid carefully to touch even small amounts of nickel. 

Case studies say that, with regard to cosmetic products, the level that shouldn’t originate any allergic reactions is lower than 1 PPM, which means less than one Part Per Million, alias 0,000001. As a matter of fact TOTALLY nickel-free cosmetics do not exist, the "NICKEL FREE" mark is often followed by an asterisk indicating a maximum value of the nickel content. 
In order to give our nickel-allergic or sensitive users a further guarantee, the bjobj cosmetics undergo a test ON EVERY SINGLE BATCH PRODUCED (the tests are performed by an external laboratory), in order to detect the smallest trace of nickel and ensuring therefore that the content of the product is lower than the threshold indicated. We deem it is very important to perform the nickel test on all the production batches. All the tests performed up to now (hundreds nowadays) confirm that the nickel percentage in the bjobj products is far below 1 PPM, sometimes even 10 times lower.


The finished products in the bjobj line are not animal-tested, do not contain animal or animal-derived substances, they are thus suitable also for the followers of vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.



bjobj cosmetics are tested on volunteers, in cooperation with the University of Studies of Pavia to ensure the highest safety and tolerability. The patch test consists in the application of a patch (the test was named after it) soaked with the substance to test to the volunteers, and observe possible skin variations to evaluate the results with scientific criteria. All the bjobj products have turned out to be NON IRRITATING to the patch test, which is a further guarantee to our customers, that our products are skin-compatible.



bjobi guarantees total trasparency of the product content.

To better understand the substances composing the bjobj products, check out the GLOSSARY, you will find the origin of function of each ingredient.



The uniqueness of bjobj cosmetic products is also confirmed by the higt quantity of active ingredient contained in each preparation.