When you choose a product is important to read and understand the information printed on the packaging.
The information can be printed anywhere on the package provided that is visible and can be read easily. Some information mandatory, some instead are additional indications from the manufacturer and addressed to the Consumer.
The most important section for those who wish to make use of natural cosmetic products is the INCI formula (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredience), which lists all the ingredients of the product in a decreasing order. The formulas are mandatorily expressed in an international language.


indicazioni astuccio

  1. HAND CREAM: type of product
  2. OAT: active ingredient characterizing the product
  3. NICKEL TESTED < 1 PPM: nickel-tested product. Nickel content is less than 1 part per million
  4. SAN.ECO.VIT. srl via...: (mandatory) name of the Company responsible for the marketing of the product
  5. Made in Italy/Fabriqué en Italie: Country of origin
  6. COME SMALTIRE L'IMBALLAGGIO: How to dispose of the packaging: instructions on how to dispose of the primary and secondary packaging of the cosmetic product. Please check the city council dispositions.
  7. boxes managed forests responsibly
  8. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: bjobj cosmetics are tested on volunteers, in cooperation with the University of Studies of Pavia to ensure the highest safety and tolerability
  9. ICEA ECO BIO COSMETICS MARK: quality mark given for natural cosmetics containing ingredients from organic farming
  10. 100 ml: (mandatory) nominal content expressed in millilitres
  11. e: statistic electronic weight control for each product batch
  12. PAO: (Period After Opening) (mandatory caption): indicates the best-before date once the bottle is opened, 6M stays for 6 months.
  13. EAN CODE: identification product code of the commercial handling
  14. NUMERO DI LOTTO: (mandatory) batch number to allow the traceability of the product
  15. INCI: the INCI formula (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredience) on the packaging is indicated with the wording INGREDIENTI/INGREDIENTS, and lists all the substances contained by the product. The international names indicated are not always intelligible for everybody.
    For example, the SWEET ALMOND OIL is featured in the composition as PRUNUS AMIGDALUS DULCIS OIL. It’s important to know that the ingredients, as by law, are listed in decreasing order, only those which are present in a quantity lower than 1% may be listed randomly at the end of the paragraph.

For more information please check our GLOSSARY.