Our face skin is the first message we deliver, a visiting card that reveals how much we care for it, its beauty and well-being.
bjobj face line, new formulas accurately studied and revisited, avant-garde products exploiting the characteristics of  functional ingredients such as precious oils and butters with anti-ageing and elasticizing properties, beauty molecules such as Hyaluronic AcidAcido ialuronico Hyaluronic acid in its new hydrolyzed status and Q10 Co-enzyme, vegetal extracts obtained, where possible, from organinc farming, which, according to the needs of skin types, boast their purifying, soothing and refreshing effects.
The bjobj face line allows to find the most suitable treatment to maintain beautiful, glowing, protected and young-looking any kind of skin, delicate or reddened, mixed or impure, normal, dry or mature.
The bjobj face line products are ECO BIO certified, DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and NICKEL TESTED.



The bjobj face cream do not contain silicone substances (of petrochemical origin whose function is to improve product performance), but only very nourishing vegetal oils that make the formula particularly rich.
For this reason a small quantity is all it takes to moisturize and nourish your facial skin. Simply massage lightly and briefly to allow the product to be fully absorbed into the skin.