Solar Cream High Protection SPF 30


High protection sun cream, ideal for fair skin and during the first days of sun exposition. It contains natural filter. Formula without colourings, synthetic chemical filters, parabens.

Vegetable functional substances contained: 

*Coconut, *Sweet Almonds, *Argan, *Jojoba, *Linseed and *Sunflower oils, Vitamin E, Gamma OryzanolGamma orizanolo Gamma oryzanol, *Carrot extract, BisabololBisabololo Bisabolol.


Apply on skin before sun exposure and repeat the application after swimming, and several times throughout the day.


aqua (water)Acqua demineralizzata Demineralized water, polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleateEmulsionante di origine vegetale Emulsifier of vegetable origin, olea europaea fruit oilOlio di Oliva biologico Organic Olive oil, titanium dioxideMinerale naturale Natural mineral, zinc oxideOssido di Zinco Zinc oxide, caprylic/capric triglycerideEmolliente di origine vegetale Emollient of vegetable origin, glycerinGlicerina vegetale Vegetable glycerin, *alcoholAlcool etilico naturale biologico Natural organic ethyl alcohol, *prunus amygdalus dulcis oilOlio di Mandorle dolci biologico Organic sweet Almonds oil, *cocos nucifera oilOlio di Cocco biologico Organic Coconut oil, dicaprylyl etherAdditivo Additive, aluminaViscosizzante Thickener, stearic acidEmulsionante e stabilizzante Stabilizer and emulsifier, *helianthus annuus seed oilOlio di Girasole biologico Organic Sunflower oil *simmondsia chinensis seed oilOlio di Jojoba biologico Organic Jojoba oil*argania spinosa kernel oilOlio di Argane biologico Organic Argan oil, *linum usitatissimum oilOlio di semi Lino biologico Organic Linseeds oil, magnesium sulphate eptahydrateStabilizzante Stabilizer, hydrated silicaViscosizzante Thickener, *daucus carota root extractEstratto di Carota biologico Organic Carrot extract, tocopherolVitamina E Vitamin E, bisabololBisabololo Bisabolol, oryzanolGamma orizanolo Gamma oryzanol, polyhydroxystearic acidEmulsionante di origine vegetale Emulsifier of vegetable origin, magnesium stearateFunzione anti agglomerante Anti-agglomerating function, **parfumSecondo il disciplinare ICEA According to the ICEA disciplinary, benzyl salicylateComponente di alcuni oli essenziali Component of some essential oils, limoneneComponente di alcuni oli essenziali Component of some essential oils, linaloolComponente di alcuni oli essenziali Component of some essential oils.

**natural origin
*All ingredients with asterisk are from Certified Organic Farming

125 ml Tube

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